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What We Do

We help pointing the way to business success. Saga offers web services ranging from small startup to development of complex systems involving mobile and distributes web apps. We try to understand client`s business requirements and , consequently, we search dependably solutions. We`re heading to the achievement of high-level results.

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The structure of the SAGA Software Company:

  1. The Executive manager
  2. The Senior project manager
  3. The Senior technical lead
    1. Team leader(s)
    2. Programmer-analyst(s)
    3. Quality assurance engineer/Tester(s)
    4. System/DB administrator(s)
    5. Consultant(s)

The Executive manager duty is observing the company's precepts by all the staff members. He is to see to managing and allotting finances, commissions of all other staff members. He is also in charge of arranging contracts with clients, investigating market and developing the company's business strategy. He serves the company and is accountable only to the company owners.

The Senior project manager is in charge of holding talks with clients, approving, developing and changing the projects' schedules, checking projects' realization (terms and conditions) in accordance with the scheduler which is in compliance with the client. He maintains already-developed projects. He is working for the company as an accountable only to the company's Executive manager.

The Senior technical lead duties evolve the preparations for realization of the technical aspects of customer projects and own company projects; technical estimation of projects and looking for methods and determining the ways for developing projects. Moreover, he attends to recruiting the technical staff of the company. He works for the company and is accountable only to the company's Executive manager.

The Team leader is a person who is appointed by the senior project manager and is in charge of the working team (about 2-7 person) and has responsibilities to the Senior project manager and Senior technical lead according to the schedule and the plan of the project developing.

The programmer-analyst is a regular employee of the company. He is into his work and is accountable to the team leader, the Senior project manager and Senior technical lead according to the schedule and the plan of the project development.

The quality assurance engineer perform testing tasks requiring planning, scheduling, and testing to assure that developed products meet design specifications.

The system/DB administrator is a person who is assigned by the senior technical manager. He is in charge of operability assurance of the operation and DB system(s). He is subordinate to the Senior technical lead and Senior project manager.

The consultant is a person who is recruited by the senior technical manager or the senior project manager in case one is needed. The consultant is appointed to the position of a team leader or programmer-analyst. The consultant must be subordinated according to the corresponding rules, regulations and responsibilities of the company for the employment period.

Social and public activities

Our company, also, takes part in different charity projects. Although for us is very important the develop of your business, at the same time we take care of charity. Our director, George Zvirid, was a President of Rotary Club Chernivtsi and, also, a National President of JCI Ukraine.